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Get ready to discover how you can rejuvenate every organ in your body by ...

  • Nourishing your liver with fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, and nuts found at any grocery store

  • Cleansing your liver with soothing herbal teas and delicious juices, smoothies, and soups

  • Loving your liver by avoiding toxic substances and embracing liver-friendly daily practices

  • Fortifying your liver with the most potent liver-strengthening supplements

You'll Also Get FREE Access To My 7 Part "Fatty Liver Docu-Class" With Interviews From 23 Of The World's Foremost Liver Health Experts!


Saving Your Liver


Burt Berkson, MD, PhD

  • Discover a natural way to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair your liver ... without the need for toxic medications
  • A simple and inexpensive treatment for stage 4 cancer ... that has conventional oncology furious
  • Shocking drug company admission reveals their true agenda… it’s worse than you think


Jessica Miner

  • Jessica sounds the alarm about hepatitis … every hard-working mom needs to hear this message  
  • Learn about the 6 best supplements needed to fully recover … and, why food is just not enough
  • Shocking granola story shows how your diet can hurt you … and why you need to be careful


Denise Otten, H.H.C.

  • Denise outlines how to avoid becoming a liver transplant statistic … it’s easier than you think  
  • Understand which nutrients are a “must have” … and why a plan is so important to survive
  • A message of hope and solutions for cirrhosis … despite the “doom and gloom” message offered by Western medicine


Dr. Robert DeMaria

  • Surprising news that will forever change the way you view hemorrhoids … plus, a warning about varicose veins 
  • "Having 2 or more kids places an extra burden on the liver … Dr. DeMaria explains what mothers need to know
  •  If your gallbladder has been removed … Dr. DeMaria has essential news about what to do for the rest of your life


Liver Healing Protocols


Dr. Peter Osborne

  • Shocking information about the dangers of eating certain grains … listen carefully if you want to avoid liver cancer 
  • Understand the best way to test your liver function … before you have major health issues 
  • What is the link between liver disorders and autoimmune conditions … and how you can fix these problems naturally


Thomas Lewis, PhD

  • Mind-blowing details about WHY liver function diminishes over time … and, without any warning signals 
  • Discover the importance of our detoxification pathways … and, how they help us to restore liver function 
  • Cholesterol-lowering medication is widely used … but, Dr. Lewis reveals many hidden dangers to your health


Carlos Garcia, MD

  • The early warning signs of liver disease get largely ignored by Western medicine … Dr. Garcia exposes the truth 
  • Experience a once-in-a-lifetime liver slideshow … which teaches you how a healthy liver is supposed to work 
  • Gain valuable insights into how emotions affect liver health … plus, a significant way to reduce your cancer risk


Liver Health Warnings & Tips


Jack Wolfson, DO

  • What is the liver-blood clot connection … and, why don’t more conventionally trained cardiologists talk about this 
  • Conventional cardiology is making a big mistake about cholesterol … Dr. Wolfson exposes the ugly truth about your heart disease risk
  • Why most health-conscious people have the wrong idea about vitamin D … especially as it relates to sunshine exposure


Eric L. Zielinski, DC

  • Find out how to avoid the worst liver health advice ever … and, a better way to focus on your health 
  • A comprehensive overview of the best nutritional strategies … based on scientific evidence to protect your liver 
  • Surprising essential oils news … designed to greatly enhance your overall well-being


Edward F. Group, DC, NP

  • An eye-opening perspective on how your liver affects the entire body … plus, an unconventional approach to stay healthy 
  • Conventional liver testing can be deceiving … find out what you need to know before making important health decisions 
  • Learn about many practical liver cleansing strategies … which you should do (today) if you care about your future health

"Every Organ And System In Your Body Is Affected By Poor Liver Function!"

The Liver Is The Unsung Hero Of The Human Body — It's The Largest Internal Organ And It Plays A Vital Role In Over 500 Biological Processes!

Your liver does all this (and more)...

Fights infection

Neutralizes toxins

Breaks down nutrients

Stores nutrients

blow dryer

Produces amino acids

Helps produce hormones

Balances blood sugar

Helps make new blood

Regulates blood pressure

Supports thyroid health


Liver Regeneration Strategies


Cynthia Foster, MD

  • Get ready to discover the most important liver health secrets … that your doctor has no idea about 
  • In many cases, gallstones are undiagnosed until it’s too late … don’t overlook these lifesaving warnings from Dr. Foster 
  • A toxic liver can destroy your life … don’t miss these easy-to-implement liver cleansing tips


Jay Davidson, DC, PSc.D.

  • Detoxifying the body too quickly is a common mistake … find out how to avoid getting hurt by mobilized toxins 
  • The key to successfully detoxifying the body … it all begins with understanding the 6 parts of your “drainage funnel”
  •  Even after you pick the proper detox program … this step-by-step process will ensure healthy results


David Jockers, DNM, DC

  • Avoid skin issues, heart problems and immune system compromise … by discovering the greatest liver threats 
  • Your thyroid health is connected to liver function … see what you can do about cold hands and feet + hormonal issues 
  • Powerful liver cleansing strategies that anyone can start doing today … without much expense or effort


Avoiding Liver Detox Mistakes


Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS

  • Most cavities are filled with the wrong dental material … find out how this is making your liver toxic 
  • Root canal procedures are far from safe … Dr. Nunnally reveals why you need to take immediate action 
  • The wrong kind of dentist can destroy your health … learn how to pick the best biological dentist for your needs


Christopher Shade, PhD

  • If you want to remove toxins effectively … you need to understand how to create healthy bile flow 
  • Which organs do you clean out first … and, how do you avoid common detoxification mistakes 
  • The worst diet for liver health … plus, intelligent food choices that enhance the removal of toxins


Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN

  • What is the “gut-liver axis” … and, how does this affect your ability to avoid health problems
  •  Discover the all-important “at-home liver health test” … that everyone needs to take ASAP 
  • Liver cancer is on the rise … which is why Dr. O’Bryan issues a warning that most oncologists fail to recognize


Healing Liver Medicine


David Minkoff, MD

  • Understand the health complications of a fatty liver … that will forever change the way you view your lifestyle
  • Get a detailed list of toxins that damage your liver … and trigger a wide variety of health problems
  • Learn about the best natural therapies to regenerate your liver … featuring the latest medical breakthroughs

Avoiding Liver Toxicity: An Overlooked Solution

Dr. Matthew Roe

  • After years of pain and drug “therapy,” Dr. Roe reveals how a special healing technique eliminated his need for medication
  • Discover a “hidden” threat to liver function … and (more importantly) how to avoid years of unwanted stress
  • The subtle, yet significant ways that your body gets stressed out … and, how this greatly increases your risk of disease


Moshe Dekel, MD

  • The liver is directly affected by your gut … which is why Dr. Dekel has a warning about the digestive system
  • Liver enzyme testing is not enough … and, what you need to know BEFORE you experience a health crisis
  • The latest news about stem cell therapy … and its potential for restoring liver function


Dr. Thomas Janossy

  • When is the BEST time to detoxify the body … the answer will surprise you since no one's talking about this
  • A disturbing truth about commonly used prescription drugs … and the reason why it’s being censored in the news
  • How the circadian rhythm greatly impacts our health … and, how this has everything to do with a good detox program

Don't Miss This eBook if You Have Any of These 10 Common Conditions:

  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Underactive Thyroid
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Skin Issues


Bombshell Liver Health News

Antitoxin Effect of             Vitamin C

Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

  • Most doctors tell you that hepatitis A has no cure, B and C are treated with drugs … but, Dr. Levy offers a non-toxic solution
  • Oxidative stress is the underlying cause of most chronic health problems … now, you can discover a significant way to reduce your risk
  • How a “vitamin C flush” can help to restore liver function … this information will inspire you to take better care of yourself


Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD

  • Nobody wants liver disease ... find out the best ways to naturally reduce your risk 
  • Powerful techniques to lower your heavy metal burden … you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get started
  • Kicking a sugar addiction is not as hard as you think … Dr. Jaffe offers a quick way to eliminate the urge for sweets

Glyphosate Exposure and Liver Damage

Stephanie Seneff, PhD

  • Bombshell news about glyphosate and modern farming practices … plus, a shocking report about liver damage
  • Find out why non-GMO foods are MORE toxic than you think … and, why even health food store shopping can be dangerous
  • Conventional science typically says that glyphosate is “safe” … but, a bizarre new study reveals a disturbing truth


Did you know that chronic kidney disease (CKD) is on the rise and a direct consequence of fatty liver disease? The numbers are staggering:

  • About 10% of adult Americans have CKD and most are undiagnosed
  • Kidney diseases are the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • 48% of people - not on dialysis - with severely reduced kidney function are NOT aware of even having CKD
  • Every 24 hours, about 340 people begin dialysis for kidney failure
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading cause of kidney failure
  • As of 2016, total Medicare spending on CKD and end-stage renal disease is over $114 billion

Find out how to dramatically reduce your risk of kidney damage and disease. You’ll hear about the most effective ways to prevent kidney problems, dissolve kidney stones, eliminate the threat of kidney infections plus the latest news about how to avoid kidney dialysis – even if you are currently receiving treatment.


Did you know that metabolic syndrome is directly linked to fatty liver disease? In the U.S. alone, nearly 40% of adults have metabolic syndrome – which greatly increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Top experts reveal how to eliminate every aspect of metabolic syndrome including...

  • Blood pressure problems
  • Blood sugar imbalances
  • Low HDL cholesterol
  • High triglyceride levels
  • Excess body weight

...which lead to an increased risk of premature death.

You’ll discover how proper lifestyle decisions can help you to avoid wasting thousands of dollars in unwanted (and ineffective!) medical expenses... not to mention years of suffering!



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Recently I noticed that so much of the medical research is crying out about the dangers of the Fatty Liver epidemic — and how a compromised liver is at the root of so many modern medical conditions...

But none of the major news outlets were talking about it! 

So I decided to take it on myself to get the word out — and not just about the problem — I'm here to provide answers! 

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